Here’s my new journal, people. I won’t be posting everything here anymore…


Haters are not allowed :p

New blog:


Photoshop CS5 Package for Mac giveaways

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It took time for me to loosen up. But guess what? I’ve done it at last.

I finally felt the REAL aroma at school. Guess what!? I PASSED all subjects and they’re equivalent to grades that are for the honor section students. Even though I failed to become a Dean’s Lister, there’s no way I would back out. This time, the schedule’s good, the 6-day crap is good as well. NO MORE messin’ up with me, ‘coz I feel IT! THE FREEDOM! EVERYTHING!

It’s not high school for me anymore. No more popular kids contradicting themselves, no more know-it-alls who would just make you feel bad about yourself and shit. Now I know why we were so unlucky to have the worst professors, and also lucky to have the best as well. First term’s really heck of a HELL, but the proceeding years, I have proven enough that I deserve to be a Lasallian. ANIMO!

I’m de-FROSHED! I’m “in-SOPHED.” ROFL.

Hello second year college! I’ve been a Lasallian for one year! YEEHAW! \:D/

I’m back! Some tips that you have to remember…

Don’t limit yourself. Always be flexible no matter what happens. No one will bite you :p

Bloghopping through my old blogs…

That was me before… the high school type of girl who was so desperate for her crush who was then dating an outsider na “accelerated” raw– which I believe is fake.

I was really an Internet person way back then. I always blog and blog for no reason… or maybe the kid inside me still doesn’t get out of my teenage body that time. I usually blog about famous people in our school, and that includes my crush that time ;). Too bad he became a popular kid. 😦

Anyways, regarding my ex-crush, he was my first serious crush at school (pero hindi na ngayon. Anyway, he’s just a figment of my imagination na lang D:). Well, everything started when he first became my classmate (Grade Six), but I actually knew him by name and face when I was in Grade Three. The only thing that attracted me is his big voice. Well… here goes…

He was my seatmate at the back. The “boom” started when I asked my other classmate about this anime character (Ginji Amano of the GetBackers) on my wallet. My ex-crush guessed the right thing– and that’s how everything started.

He was very nice and approachable. He even asked me if I rebonded my hair one time. Well, those good memories. Better not talk about it since it would only be a waste of time. 😦

The only reason why I blog a lot of things is because the Internet (and not to mention the computer) was really my best friend during that time. Walang iwanan. It’s just that the computer really made me isolate myself from the other people who enjoy each other’s company– in real life. Family ties were disrupted. Halos lahat na ng mga bagay-bagay… everything really made my life something… which I couldn’t recall.

You’ll notice that some of my blog entries have stuffs about gadgets. Frustrated pa naman ako that time magka-cellphone. Actually nga, my dream camera (DSC-N1) and the SE P990i… I failed to own those stuff. 😦 Pero ngayon, I’m aiming for something else… some meaningful gadget that would help me be creative 🙂

I also notice that time is changing… from those old discontinued gadgets to new ones… haayz… it’s like time is running fast. New life, new gadgets… but during the time ata of 2007… I didn’t blog about gadgets na… because the truth is, my level of promoting myself as a blogger is beginning to deteriorate. Hehe, puro mga kabulastugan ang mga pino-post ko sa blog… which sounds nonsense. That takes a lot of characters to have a lot of haters, you know.

But this blog isn’t just about me… it’s also about other famous people in my high school alma mater… I also observed that they were also like me (jejemons LOL!) posting stuffs and promoting themselves… they were posting stuffs as if an 8-year old kid is posting sentiments on the Internet. Old days talaga…so memorable! Only that I was a loner and didn’t even mind to socialize. 😉

What I blog then:

Gadgets – I usually post things about gadgets (especially Sony products!) like digicams ang camphones (that time ‘di pa naging trend ang smartphones eh). Hehe, ang mga uso pa nung time na ‘yon ay mga tulad ng VGA camera phones, mga K700i, mga 6600i (tama ba), tapos ‘yung mirror-screen na Nokia phone… tapos ang tanging touchscreen phone na sikat at that time ay Palm, XDA (Blackberry at that time is a royalty phone– meaning ka-level ng Vertu), etc. Pero ngayon, dahil sikat na ang BlackBerry ngayon, pati na rin Nokia at Samsung nakikigaya na rin sa style ng Blackberry… dunno with Sony Ericsson I thin they’re patronizing HTC or XDA… anyway Samsung has their own Corby and SE has XPERIA…

Well because hindi ko nakuha ang P990i at ang N1, ang ginawa ko na lang is to buy a/n SE phone… which is Satio U1, of course… with the best and most desirable features ever. Instead na Memory Stick Micro ang ginagamit ng SE phone ko ngayon, naging standardized na… SD micro na ang ginagamit ngayon ng mga bagong labas na SE phones… pero ang USB slot/headphones ay sa kasamaang palad, pareho parin. :p Hehe, since Satio naman is touchscreen naman, it doesn’t use the usual SE OS. Standardized na siya by using the Symbian OS created by Nokia.

PROOF = Mobile Phone/Smartphone HEGEMON = NOKIA :))

Famous People – ay, hindi lang basta sina Angelina Jolie ang bina-blog ko. Pati rin mga sikat sa Meris ang pino-post ko. Dahil syempre idol ko sila, hindi naman maiiwasang pasikatin pa sila lalo sa Internet! Dati, idol na idol ang mga 4th year students… pero nung batch namin ang naging fourth year… kolelat lahat! Maraming pasaway, mga popular kids… etc. Well, hindi ko naman sila masisisi dahil siyempre, popular sila, eh. ‘Yun na talaga ang nakatakda sa buhay nila.

BOYS – 😀 my most favorite part. Siyempre naman, sino naman ang ayaw mag-post ng mga BOYS… tulad na lang ng crush. Pero usually lahat ng mga posts ko about the crushes is sooooo stalker-ish. Halos lahat ng takbo ng buhay niya eh pino-post ko na. Parang dun sa Perfect Blue… pero ‘wag ‘yon. Malibog eh 😀

Anyways, this would probably be my last post entry since I’m gonna delete this blog… and uhmmm… cancel my blog account here… same goes with my old Blogger account kasi overcrowded na tsaka ayoko nang sumikat pa CHAR!

Are Haters Cyberbullies? Let’s judge…

Haters… are actually NOT cyberbullies. They just tend to detract you but not mock you like “YOU’RE TOO FAT!” or “YOU’RE A DUMBASS!!!” Haters say, “Oh, I guess you don’t fit in La Salle.”

Haters are cyberbullies… but in a different category. If you encounter these kind of people, always fight back. If they continue, don’t go back to that site, unless you’re ready to do so.

The thing about Know-it-alls and Popular Kids

If you want to share your experiences regarding know-it-alls and popular kids, E-Mail me:

Usually, popular kids are those people whose profile pictures are vain pictures of themselves, their bio is, “.,i hate plastic, backstabber and feeling close.” But the sad reality is, they do it. There you have it.

If you’re a victim of bullying nga pala, contact me with the same E-Mail posted herein this entry. 😉